Friday, October 23, 2009

The Top five Things women want out of a relationship

Five things a women want out of a relationship. 1.Honesty 2.Love 3. understanding 4.Respect 5.commitment.

Being a women involved in pass relationships, there were many things; that was important to me in a relationship . I will start out by saying that honesty tops the chart, with me, honesty was and has been the number one thing ; that I look for in a man. I believe if a man can be honest with me and tell me the truth, that means, he's trustworthy.

Love comes next, I want my man to love me for the women that I am ,whether, I'm big ,little, black or white; I want his undying love and I will give him the same in return. I realize that the whole dating system works on looks mostly and that is a wrong idea ; because if you 're going only by looks alone, you're in big trouble. People are so superficial and materialistic; until finding what you're looking for in a mate, is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

I wanted a mate that 's going to be committed to me and to us, you find so many people that want to play with you as a mate and play with mary,Jane, and Sue; they don't want a commitment because they want be able to play the game with all the women players as before. We all want to be in a relationship, where we know our man or women is with us 100% in our relationship.

Having understanding is important in a relationship, and that because we all go through life's changes, and we need someone in our corner; that's going to try and understand what we're going through and be there for us; no matter what. It's important to stand by your man or women in the midst of a crisis, it let's us know that you 're genuinely loved by that person; because he or she hasn't left you high and dry, yet.

Respect ,is another very important part of a relationship, I have always told my girls to make sure, the guy loves and respects his mother and sisters; if he passes that test, then you know he going to give you the same love and respect that he has for the other women in his life. But if you're with a guy and he's treating his mother and sisters like dirt; then you know what he's going to do for you.

You want your man to trust you to behave, when he or she isn't around; you want the kind of trust that say, my man or my women is in another world; but we know for a fact that everything is all right because we love and trust each other. It doesn't matter that we're a zillion miles a part, our trust will keep us cool. With trust it's, it's like respect, we have give it in order to receive it.

Make positively sure, that your man or your women have all of these qualities and more, in order to have a chance at a good relationship. I want you to remember the most important thing of all, in finding your Mr. or Ms. Right; don't let what you see on the outside, trick you into believing that there isn't anything worthwhile on the inside, because to be brutally honest , it's only what's on the inside that counts anyway. make sure you don't chose the package with the beautiful wrapping on the outside and get an ugly duckling inside.

As you know some people can be so graciously beautiful on the outside, but if, we look within we find a horrible nightmare inside;so lets not be vain. if you find a diamond in the rough, clean it and polish it up, and see the brilliance of it's shine for you.

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