Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Smoking Everywhere Electric Cigarettes Review Are They Safe

The Alternative to Tobacco.

In 2008, electronic cigarettes boomed in the UK and took Europe by storm then it made its way to the United States where the sales of Electric Cigarettes have sky rocketed prompting the FDA to consider more study of the long term side effects of electric cigarettes and health. Currently the FDA wants to have sales pulled in the U.S because there isn't enough study done to know it's long term effects.

As a smoker, let me put it to you this way. Nicotine does not cause cancer but the carcinogens in tobacco do. By now, smokers and non-smokers know that chemicals such as cyanide amongst others are added to tobacco which are the real killers. 90% of all lung cancer death is linked to smoking tobacco.

Here are you choices

My opinion of the situation with the FDA wanting to yank e cig sales from the market is because they need to make their money. If we already know that smoking regular tobacco cigarettes will cause death or lung cancer amongst other ailments such as emphysema, birth defects, premature birth and even fetal death, and the product has not been banned, then it would seem that the electronic smoke is the healthier alternative to smoking.

Most all electronic cigarette sales are made online. If you can find a smoke shop that does sell njoy electronic cigarettes, you are probably going to pay at least 10% more for the product. And yes, you still have to be 18 or older to purchase the e cigarette because it does contain nicotine. When all other products have failed such as the nicotine patch, gum and smokers sensations hot-lines or pricey Rx from the doc... all approved by the FDA and containing nicotine, then why not go with the electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette looks like a real cigarette and contains nicotine and water. When you inhale, the battery heats the nicotine cartridge which mixes with the water and creates a vapor that looks much like cigarette smoke but it's just water. All you inhale is nicotine and water vapor. A very small amount mind you. You probably inhale more water vapor on a humid day then you do with these things.

Who Sells Electronic Cigarettes?

Like I said, most sales of electronic cigarettes are made online. Amongst the many different brands of e cigarettes are Njoy by Smokers Everywhere, Blu E-cig, Envy Bliss and Marlboro flavored electronic cigarettes by E-Health Cigarette.

The starter kits start out anywhere from $40.00 up to around $200.00 they all come with nicotine refill cartridges, are reusable and you can smoke anywhere you want. Being a smoker, I know that it is really hard for me to quit out of habit. I am 31 years old and have been smoking since I was 14. That is 17 years of my young life dedicated to smoking and many years on the quit smoking bandwagon which has been a total fiasco. And why? Because smoking is a part of my life, my daily routine, a function in my life.

While I may not know if I am truly addicted to nicotine, I absolutely know that the act or the sensation of smoking is what I always miss when trying to quit which keeps me coming back. In my twenties I know every time I went out with friends to a bar the only thing I could think about when on the "I quite smoking wagon" was how much I just wanted to njoy a smoke. The act of smoking while drinking. And I am pretty sure that more often then not, it's the sensation or act of smoking that keeps smokers locked.

Plus, since you can smoke everywhere with the electronic cigarette, I get to smoke in bars again!

Alternatively I can say that I will probably never quit because the act is too powerful in my life but I do know that with the electronic cigarettes you have the options to use as much or as little nicotine as you want and you can ween yourself off of nicotine altogether and after a while probably give up the butt for good. So it's either one of two things; I will get lung cancer if I keep smoking expensive cigarettes at $5-6.00 a pack or I can e-smoke for about a $1.00 a pack and not get cancer.

The choice is simple really. Now all you have to do is pick which e cigarette company you want to go with. Again I would like to add that if the FDA approves the use of nicotine patches, Rx meds, nicotine gum and other alternative, help you quit products so you really have to ask yourself why the FDA wants the electronic cigarettes pulled from the market. I doubt very much they want it pulled for safety reasons. *wink*

So enjoy smoking everywhere get on the Electronic Cigarette wagon before tobacco takes you.

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  1. E-cigarettes are the healthier alternative than the ordinary cigarettes and it couldn't cause lung cancer.