Monday, October 11, 2010

Not tonight, dear. My head's fine but my back's killing me

Back pain has replaced the headache as the country's biggest passion-killer, according to a survey.
One in ten of us has admitted our sex lives suffer due to back pain  -  with women more likely to give lovemaking a miss because of the problem.
More than half  -  55 per cent  -  of Britons suffer from back pain at least once a month. a quarter of those said they would avoid any strenuous activity when suffering  -  including sex.
One in ten said they had even left the bed to sleep on the floor in an effort to ease the discomfort.
Back pain costs an estimated £7billion every year through work-related absence.

Dr Ralph Rogers, a skeletal specialist at the London Orthopedic clinic, said many patients with back problems wrongly assumed sex would make the condition worse. 'But actually lying still in bed is one of the worst things you can do,' he added.
Physiotherapist Martin Haines said the consumer survey of 8,000 adults carried out by Dynaspine, showed that back pain was having a profound impact.
But he said the problem could be helped by keeping the spine moving and taking gentle exercise.
'The spine is designed to move, not stay still, so using a back support which allows the spine to move is really important,' he added.

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